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Dr. Frank Kaufmann

Dr. Frank Kaufmann is Founder and President of Filial Projects, Editor in Chief of New World Encyclopedia, President of the Values in Knowledge Foundation, and Director of the Inter Religious Federation for World Peace. Frank writes for Communities at The Washington Times, and on Government, Religion, Ethnic cultures and Politics in The Digital Journal.  Some of Frank’s publications are listed here.

He served as editor in chief of the IRFWP’s academic journal Dialogue and Alliance from 1998 until 2009, during which time, in 2004 was named as one of the top ten religion journals (out of 650) by an independent panel commissioned by the American Theological Library Association (ATLA)[2]

In 2007, Kaufmann was nominated for Hofstra University‘s first Guru Nanak Interfaith Prize.[3]

Presently Frank Kaufmann is writing The Open Door, a primer on how effectively to carry out interfaith activity.
Excerpts and education on interfaith from this work are published daily on the Tumblr site, Kaufmann on Interfaith 

All of Frank Kaufmann’s work transpires under the umbrella organization, Filial Projects. The for profit side of Filial Projects functions as a private consulting firm providing service, training, and hands on design and implementation for individuals and organizations needing help and expertise in areas derived from his life’s work.