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Leonard Joy

Leonard Joy was an economist in academia for 30 years at University College of East Africa, Cambridge, LSE, University of Sussex, the University of California; Consulted for the World Bank, FAO, WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, IFAD, UNDP, ADB, and UNHCHR; for USAID, the UK Ministry for Overseas Development, Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. He is currently a leader of the Quaker Institute for the Future.

Under UNDP [United Nations Development Programme] Mr. Joy, worked as process consultant for governance systems change. In 2012 he also served as World Bank consultant on evaluation of values shift to secure non-bureaucratic collaboration between eight Tamil Nadu government departments.

He is becoming increasingly focused on the understanding of values development and the application of this understanding, especially with regard to the need for values shifts in response to global warming. He has a book in draft tentatively entitled Our Values Will Determine Our Future.